227: Run For You

All of us are on this running journey together.  We may be here for health.  We may be here for sanity.  We may be here for physical challenges.  There may be other reasons that change over time and differ from one person to the next.  In the end, we are all runners and we are here to keep running.  You do not need to impress anyone else with your running, you just need to run in a way that is gaining benefits for you.  Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you want to do.


Highlights of the Episode

When I started running, I felt that the single goal was to be as fast as possible 

My return to running was running without boundaries

Coaching career allowed me to learn how to put the parts together

We are not sure of how you got to your current spot in running, but here you are

We do not all need to enjoy running for the same reasons


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