254: Nutrition, Goal Setting, and Perspective with Amber Brueseke

In today's episode, Angie talks to Amber Brueseke, the founder and CEO of Biceps After Babies.  We had a great conversation about nutrition, goal setting, comparison, and perspective, all critical things in helping us achieve our goals.  


Here's a little more about Amber: 

Amber Brueseke is a wife, mom of four (ages 8-15), and a former RN who founded Biceps After Babies because she believes that being a mom doesn't have to mean your fittest days are behind you. What started as a little Instagram account to share her fitness journey online has become a business focused on empowering women to achieve. Her signature coaching program MACROS 101 has helped over 6,000 women use the tool of macro counting to build a nutrition plan that's both effective and enjoyable. Recently, Amber created a Transformational Fitness Coach certification that teaches other health and fitness coaches how to improve client results by getting to the root of their problems.  Amber loves chocolate and peanut butter (preferably together), lifting heavy weights at CrossFit, and hanging out at the beach with her family.  


You can connect with Amber via her podcast: Biceps After Babies or on Instagram @biceps.after.babies.  Send her a message and let her know which part of the podcast you connected with the most!


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