257: Are You Limiting Yourself?

So many runners are limiting themselves without even realizing it. In races of nearly every distance there are clusters of runners finishing around the even numbers?  Half marathoners cluster around 2:00, but also 1:50 and 2:10.  Marathon runners cluster around Boston qualifying times as well as every 10 minute mark.  Why is it that arbitrary numbers allow runners to group up?  If the numbers really are arbitrary, are you putting a limit on yourself just because you are not close enough to the next even number?

This can lead to decreased motivation, frustration, and lack of progress. We as humans tend to draw conclusions, whether consciously or unconsciously about what we are capable of.  

Today we break down some common beliefs that cause this problem and what you can do to become aware of these and change them from limiting beliefs into beliefs that help you grow and improve.   

So, what’s your number and what are your thoughts about it?


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