271: Navigating an Unexpected Turn with Beckie Gacki

 Today we talk to Beckie, a real life runner with one heck of a story.  Beckie was at the peak of her physical fitness when an unexpected turn (in her case, a traumatic accident) derailed her from her healthy lifestyle.  She shares her story with us today, and explains how she went from a 6 week coma to regain a new version of her healthy lifestyle.

Here's a little bit about Beckie...

Coach Beckie is a double Masters prepared ACE Certified Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Project Management Professional and CEO of her health coaching business, Build UR Best U, LLC. She is also a former Division I college athlete, personal trainer & tennis club professional with a lifelong commitment to fitness and health. However, in dealing with the aftermath of life taking her down an unexpected turn, she got derailed from her healthy lifestyle. In this episode, Coach Beckie discusses an accident that took place during a triathlon competition (i.e. her unexpected turn) and how she was able to get her fitness and health back on track.

Connect with Beckie:

YouTube: Build UR Best U
FB Biz: Build Ur Best U
IG: buildurbestu

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