303: 10 Tips for Race Day Success

RACE MORNING CHECKLIST - 10 points to get you from the alarm clock to the starting gun


  1. Have something to eat depending on your stomach tolerances. 
    • Last night’s dinner is still fueling you. 
    • Aim for 200-300 easily digestible calories about 2 hours before the race.  
    • Fats and proteins take longer to digest and can lead to stomach issues later. 
    • If you normally skip breakfast, try some sports drink to get in some fuel. 
  1.   Have something to drink. 
    • If you normally drink coffee, now is not the time to change that program.  
    • Take in some water to top off your hydration.  This should be at least 12 oz.  You may not want it, but just drink it.  
  1.   Protect your body. 
    •  Sunscreen and BodyGlide are often best applied before you get to the race in the privacy of your home. 
    •   If you have ever had chafing issues and do not know BodyGlide, please get some. 
  2.   Get dressed and grab your running bag that you packed the night before.  
    •  Put on: shorts, shirt with race number attached, socks, shoes, watch
    •   Cold outside?  Add old sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, hat and gloves that you are comfortable with tossing mid-race
  3. Get to the race. 
    • Aim to arrive, parked and actually at the race 60 minutes ahead of the gun.  
    • If this is a full or half marathon, add 15-30 minutes.
  1. Warm up 45-60 minutes before the race.  Large races always need extra time. 
    • Go for a very easy 5-10 minute run - the shorter the race the longer the pre-race jog.
    • Go through some basic running drills and stay relaxed.  
  1. Use the facilities.  
    • There is going to be a line, and you may need your own toilet paper. 
    • Try to go, even if you don't feel inspired.  It's better now than mid-race. 
  1. Use the gear check if this is a large race, or put your bag in your car. 
    • With 30 minutes before the start, grab a final drink of water before you stash your bag.  
  1. Run a few strides before you are trapped into the starting corral.
    • I like to get in 4-6 before I race to get my heart rate up and my mind ready for speed.  Just go for 10 seconds.  This is 15-30 minutes before the starting gun depending on step 10.  
  1. Get into the starting chute.  This is about 10 minutes out for a small race. 
    • This will be 30 minutes for a larger race and could be over an hour for a very large race. 
    • Once you are trapped, stay loose with drills in place and hopping.
    • In the final minutes, take a few deep breaths and visualize your race. 
    • Imagine you are racing well, picture the hard portions, see yourself overcoming the challenges.  
    • Race well.  



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