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How Gratitude Can Help Us With Running Struggles

mindset Sep 07, 2020

In the summer of 2010, LeBron James made a major announcement: He was leaving his hometown NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat. In an ESPN interview announcing the decision, he said, “One thing I didn’t want to do was make an emotional decision. I wanted to do what’s best for LeBron James and to do what makes LeBron James happy.” 


Psychologists have since pointed to James’ language choices — switching from the first person to the third person — as a deliberate strategy he used to manage his emotions. Maybe he knew it would have been easier and more comfortable to stay in Cleveland. Maybe he thought he might actually be happier if he stayed in Cleveland. But maybe he also knew his career would only grow if he took the leap and went to a bigger-market team.


A study published by the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology backs up the evidence supporting this...

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156: Be Thankful for the Challenges

mindset Sep 03, 2020


Gratitude is usually seen as a very positive thing, but a gratitude practice or an “attitude of gratitude” is both more simple and more complex than it first seems. Beginning the day or ending the day with a journal practice of gratitude for one or three items has become very popular in the personal development world. This is great, but might not be the whole picture. While there is a clear benefit to focusing on the positive aspects of your day rather than the negative, when you can detach your judgment and be grateful for your difficulties, stumbles, and misses during the day, gratitude is world changing.


Highlights of the Episode

How people usually practice gratitude 

Gratitude for the struggles 

The ease of being grateful for the positives

How gratitude for the positives can actually be a negative thing

How to reframe your life and your running through gratitude

What to do if you’re having a hard time shifting to gratitude



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103: Do You Care Too Much?

mindset Aug 29, 2019


This episode tackles the fairly complicated topic of caring about your goals.  It would seem that caring about your results would be important, but we also discuss the darker side of caring too much, that you prevent yourself from ever reaching the goal. 

We start with the idea of creating a goal.  We cover not just the importance of having a goal, but of understanding why that goal exists.  Angie explain the concept of the five whys and how there is a core value underlying all of you major life choices. 

I try to suggest that my deeper why behind racing a marathon is to gain back a sense of control over my body following a bout of seizures back in 2017.  Angie completely calls me out on the fact that there is no such thing as control. 

We swing back on topic with step two:  figuring out your plan to reach the goal.  This is when the caring must come into play.  The plan will not be easy. Striving for any major goal...

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099: How categories can hold us back from the person and runner we want to be

mindset Aug 01, 2019

Travelling home always makes me think about how we tend to create neat and clean descriptions for the people in our lives.  The more rarely we encounter them, the more likely we are to group them with other similar people. Our brain likes categories for organizing large amounts of information because it simplifies the picture by blurring the details.  

Categories are dangerous because they blur the nuance and try to make people, objects, and action binary.  We discuss at length the idea that once you create positive and negative categories, it is just a small step to have morally good and bad categories, and that has serious repercussions.  

When I head home, my parents tend to still see me in the category of their kid who needs help and guidance.  I often fall back into patterns from long ago, where I did not have to make decisions, because they were being taken care of for me.  

Very soon, Angie and the whole family will be heading to her 20th...

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095: Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

mindset training Jul 04, 2019

Running can be a challenge and it can get especially hard when we are adding in workouts at higher intensities.  Naturally, when we find a workout that we are good at, we are going to want to repeat that workout. That’s where we can get into a little trouble. 

Over time your body will become very efficient at accomplishing your favorite workout, and you will stop taking in significant benefits.  It will not be pointless, and certainly not negative, but you will not be progressing very much.  

When you want to see improvement, you must put your body into a state of stress.  You must move outside of your comfort zone. You must first recognize what your comfort zone is, and then try something else.  

On this episode, we talk about how Angie and I have very different comfort zones, and what we both need to work on that makes us feel uncomfortable. 

Here are some quick options:

  • Find a race distance you do not normally run
  • Find a pace you...
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092: I Can't, I Won't, I Will

mindset Jun 13, 2019

Today’s episode is a lesson in word choice and how internal control is much more fulfilling and leads to greater long term success than external control.  

The premise of the show is this difference between telling yourself that you can’t do something versus telling yourself that you won’t do something.  

The ideas surrounding the word “can’t” are very restrictive and confining.  Whether you are moving forward in a health journey from an eating or running perspective, there are certain rules to follow that say what you can and cannot do.  When you do not connect to the rules, or you had no say in the creation of the rules, people tend to rebel and push back against them.

Can’t puts the control or a set of rules or beliefs outside of you.  It can feel safe, but it cannot provide real joy. When the control is external, it can be magnified when the rules do not seem to apply evenly to everyone.  Just as two...

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090: How practicing these two skills can make you a better runner

mindset May 30, 2019

Today’s episode is a little touchy-feely and asks you to actually get in touch with your emotions, but it’s entirely possible (and quite probable) that this episode will change your running more than us providing a variety of new workouts for you to try.

First, let’s establish one thing.  No one is starting with running from scratch.  Even if you have never run a step, you have some belief about running and how it relates to you.  This could be positive, as I thought the best part of every practice growing up was the part where we just ran.  Or negative, as Angie knew running as the thing you had to get through at the start of practice before “real practice” could begin.  

If you have run, regardless of the break or time off, you have physical and mental experiences with running that will carry over when you continue your running journey.  You can get back in shape easier than path to the same fitness level on the second...

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084: Dealing with Negativity

mindset Apr 18, 2019

Change is hard.  We have to find the motivation and drive to change our mindset to change our actions.  There is usually a good deal of negative voices coming from within that we need to overcome.  Sometimes those voices are external. Friends, family, and complete strangers will also comment on our journey, and not always in the nicest manner.

On today’s episode we talk about the negative voices coming from outside, also known as the haters.  We cover a lot of points, but the biggest takeaway is that perspective is extremely important.

First, whatever message you are sending out into the world is not going to be received the same by every person.  They have their own opinions and values, and frankly even their current mood may affect how well they interpret your message.  Some people may try to hold you back for your own safety, some out of fear of losing you, some out of jealousy that you are accomplishing things they want to accomplish....

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083: How to Overcome Obstacles to Performing Your Best

mindset Apr 11, 2019


As coaches and runners we are familiar of coming up short in some of the biggest moments.  There are always athletes who manage to step up when it is all on the line, and others who...well, don’t.  What is it that separates these performances? The answer is generally in your head rather than in your legs.

In this episode, we cover the obstacles that prevent us from reaching our full potential.  All of the topics fall under the general umbrella of limiting beliefs. We have these ideas stuck in our head that hold us back.  Unfortunately, our subconscious mind reacts to a thought we have as though it is a fact. This means if we tell ourself anything negative, we then think that idea is a clear truth.  

We start with the notion of bringing previous experiences to our current situation.  What started out as a survival mechanism is now holding us back when we try to apply order and logic to a new experience.

We continue with the go-to negative...

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059: Perspective is Everything, in Running and Life

mindset Oct 25, 2018

Perspective changes everything we do and how we do it.  We naturally compare ourselves with others or with previous versions of ourselves.  We judge workouts and difficult trials before they start. We name things hard or comfortable.  We predetermine how stressful an event will be. Shaping the way we interpret every event in our lives, the perspective we bring to all situations is incredibly important.  

In this episode, we start discussing our personal comparisons.  We cover how social media can lead us to a comparison with someone else’s edited and ideal world.  Social media is starting to actually show some reality, but still is filled with the opportunity to create a comparison that is simply impossible to reach.  

Another form of comparison is the downward comparison.  In this version, we protect ourselves by making sure that we only make comparisons to people we already feel we are better than.  While it works as a nice boost...

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