265: Are You Focusing on the Right Things?

When looking to make improvements to our training, we often fall for the shiny object.  We want the workout we can post on social media.  We search for the magic bullet paces for training.  We buy the special shoes.  We seek out the incremental gains.  What about the big blocks we neglect because we are too focused on the finishing touches?  Are you getting the best bang for your buck?


It’s important to know how to optimize your training by focusing on the things that will give you the most significant gains.  The mistake so many runners make is focusing on the wrong things.  They tend to waste time and effort focusing on the small things that will move the needle a fraction of a percent before focusing on the larger things that will lead to a 20-50% improvement.  This leads to a lot of frustration and slower progress.  Instead of focusing too early on the details, take the time to get clear on the larger items you need to address to help you achieve your goals faster.


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