266: How Food Affects the Way We Feel and Perform with Kristi Goode

In this episode, we talk to Kristi Goode, a certified macro nutrition coach, who tells us about her personal journey figuring out how food was affecting her body.  She talks about how to play a food detective to figure out how different foods may be affecting our bodies, and helps us to understand how to tailor our nutrition for our individual needs.  

A little more about Kristi...


Kristi Goode, RN, BSN, Certified Transformational Macro Nutrition Coach

Kristi began her coaching journey as a certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach to help others bust sugar & carb cravings.  She found that she loved working 1:1 with clients and has expanded her nutrition education by becoming a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition along with becoming a certified Transformational Macro & Fitness Coach. Now, she can help clients reach their nutrition goals and find sustainable weight loss by focusing on the whole person and coaching from the inside out.


Website: Love Livin’ Low Sugar

IG and TikTok: @lovelivinlowsugar

Email: [email protected] 



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