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How Important is Your Cadence?

running form Sep 21, 2020

Sitting in the stands at the 1984 Olympics, now-renowned running coach Jack Daniels observed distance runners as they raced past him. But he wasn’t just some idle spectator — he was counting the runners’ steps. Daniels noted that, on average, the runners were taking 180 steps per minute.

Due to Daniels’ findings, the number 180 took on an almost mythical quality in the following years for aspiring runners who believed that running at that cadence, or steps per minute, would vault them to elite glory.

Recent research has somewhat disproved the number’s clout, but running somewhere around 180 steps per minute is still believed to be the cadence sweet spot.

So what is cadence? And is it really that important to your running?

Like the research, the answers are a bit murky.


Cadence is not one-size-fits-all

If cadence is defined as the number of steps you take per minute, and stride length is the average length of one step, you have two choices if you...

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158: The Importance of Cadence in Running

running form Sep 17, 2020


You want to run fast.  You want to run far.  You also want to look amazing as you run along the trail or down the street.  Maybe you have heard that you are born with your running form.  Maybe you have heard that running more will naturally fix your running form.  This is only somewhat true and somewhat misguided.  The truth is you can improve your form.  Running is a skill that you can train.  Today we are going to discuss the concept of cadence and how it is important, but that one size does not fit all. 


Highlights of the Episode

Running is a skill that comes naturally at first 

Living on hard surfaces and in shoes has adjusted our natural form

Just because you can run, does not mean you are maximizing your ability

The importance of cadence

The pitfalls of overstriding and shuffling

The “magic” cadence number of 180

Why it is difficult to think your way to better form

A simple method for increasing your...

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