Real Life Runners with Angie and Kevin Brown

Real Life Runners with Angie and Kevin Brown

Hosted by: Angie and Kevin Brown

This is a show to help real life runners to improve their running and their life, through conversations about training, nutrition, health and wellness, family, and all the crazy things that life throws at us. We want...

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205: Am I Ready for a Half Marathon?

Episode #205

Races are coming back.  Before you just sign up for the first one available, consider how long it will take you to be prepared for the race.  In this episode, we dive into one of our favorite distances, the half...
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204: How Polarized Training Can Make You Run Faster

One of our key principles of training is that your running cannot all stay at the same pace.  One of the training terms thrown around quite a bit is polarized training.  In this episode, we look at what polarized...
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203: Your First Half Marathon

The half marathon is such a wonderful race distance.  It is long enough that you need to put in months of training to perform well, but it is short enough that you do not need to abandon all work and family...
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202: Improve Your Running Form to Race Faster

The way we look when we run can be remarkably distinguishable to other runners who have known us for a while.  As races get going again, this is a good reminder that while running form can be improved and optimized,...
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201: Running Through the Ages

Episode #201

As runners, many of us are looking to improve in some manner.  Some of us are looking to improve consistency.  This may rely on adding enjoyment or removing pain.  Some of us are trying to run faster or farther.  This...
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200: The Runner's Journey

Episode #200

We know the immense benefits that running can bring to us, both physically and mentally, and we want other people to experience that without all of the aches, pains, and frustrations. To be able to take charge of...
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199: Breathing for Runners

Breathing is essential for life.  We all know that. Today we want to talk about the importance of the breath, both when we are running and when we are not running.  How important is breath control? What techniques can...
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198: Low Back Pain in Runners

Episode #198

If you’re like a lot of runners that we work with, you may have noticed that your body isn’t responding the same way it used to.  As you get older, you may start to notice some aches and pains that weren’t there...
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197: The 5 Keys to Consistency

Episode #197

How do you know if you are being consistent? Is it running 5 days a week? 6 days? Running hard? Running easy all the time? Truth is... consistency looks a little different for everyone.   In this episode, we talk...
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196: Benefits of Different Recovery Periods During a Workout

Episode #196

We talk all the time about recovering after a hard workout.  Recovery is needed for adaptation, so sleep and nutrition matter.  What about the recovery during a workout?  How long should you break for during an...
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195: The Must-Knows of Base Building

Episode #195

Runners often talk about a base-building phase as though high mileage is the only component. They think of it only as a build up to a longer race, or as something they might “need” to do. Maybe you’ve heard the term...
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194: Pacing for Racing

Have you ever crossed the finish line thinking you should have gone faster because you are not that tired?  Have you ever begged for the finish line to be a few miles closer because you went out way too fast?  Today...
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