Real Life Runners with Angie and Kevin Brown

Real Life Runners with Angie and Kevin Brown

Hosted by: Angie and Kevin Brown

This is a show to help real life runners to improve their running and their life, through conversations about training, nutrition, health and wellness, family, and all the crazy things that life throws at us. We want...

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197: The 5 Keys to Consistency

Episode #197

How do you know if you are being consistent? Is it running 5 days a week? 6 days? Running hard? Running easy all the time? Truth is... consistency looks a little different for everyone.   In this episode, we talk...
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196: Benefits of Different Recovery Periods During a Workout

Episode #196

We talk all the time about recovering after a hard workout.  Recovery is needed for adaptation, so sleep and nutrition matter.  What about the recovery during a workout?  How long should you break for during an...
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195: The Must-Knows of Base Building

Episode #195

Runners often talk about a base-building phase as though high mileage is the only component. They think of it only as a build up to a longer race, or as something they might “need” to do. Maybe you’ve heard the term...
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194: Pacing for Racing

Have you ever crossed the finish line thinking you should have gone faster because you are not that tired?  Have you ever begged for the finish line to be a few miles closer because you went out way too fast?  Today...
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193: Overcome Pre-Race Anxiety

Episode #193

Races are starting to come back onto the schedule. Whether it is a smaller local race or a major marathon with thousands of runners, racing is returning. With racing can come a major issue for many runners - pre-race...
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192: When To Quit

Quitting. It’s something we never want to do, but are there times when that might be the best option? How do we know when to push through or pull the plug? In this week's episode, we answer this and some other...
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191: How Do Body Image and Gender Stereotypes Affect Runners?

How do you see your body?  Do you use positive or negative words to describe yourself?  When we assess our physical body, we generally do so as a comparison to some image in our head.  In this episode, we want to...
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190: Fueling and Nutrition for Runners with Kristy Baumann

Episode #190

As runners, we understand that food is more than simple nutrition. Food is fuel. While many runners struggle with their poor relationship with food, the bottom line is that you can't optimize your run and training...
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189: Running in the Middle

Episode #189

Many runners head out for a run without worrying about pace or effort.  They take off and run and they finish pretty tired.  They fall victim to the moderate effort trap.  They never run that hard, but they never run...
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188: How Much Recovery Do I Need?

Episode #188

Running is hard and as much as a good inspirational message or video can make you want to run up a mountain, sometimes we just need to recover.  Sometimes recovery looks like some extra sleep and an off day, but...
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187: Listener Q&A: Being "Race Fit" and The Benefits of Different Shoes

Episode #187

In order to consider different shoes for different race distances, you have to decide what the purpose of the race is?  The same consideration comes up when you decide that you would like to always be “race fit.”  Can...
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186: Should You Adjust Your Running Form?

Episode #186

There are so many different runners out on the roads and trails and they all run with a somewhat different look.  You can often pick out friends and family from quite a distance after you have run with them awhile. ...
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