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166: All-or-Nothing to Sustainable Growth with Guy Fitzgerald

podcast Nov 03, 2020


Today, we speak to Guy Fitzgerald, about his life and running journey:  a journey from a kid with asthma, through a decade of severe addiction and 2 near-death experiences, through motocross racing, into running, out of running due to injury, through weight gain, and his current path back into running, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

We talk about how he is learning to move away from his all-or-nothing mentality, into a mindset of gratitude, grace, and moderation.  

This is an awesome conversation - join us!


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Should Your Next Race be Virtual?

effort levels Nov 02, 2020

The stage was set for a record-breaking number of runners to toe the line yesterday at the 2020 TCS New York City Marathon. This year’s drawing for the race was the largest in history, with close to 200,000 applicants — a pool 50 percent larger than the race drew in 2019.


Instead, of course, the 2020 marathon became one more casualty of COVID-19, a virus that has led to the cancellation of live events across the globe this year, and threatens still more.


There’s no doubt that if you love running and taking part in races — either as a participant or as a spectator — 2020 has been disappointing to say the least. But thanks to virtual racing, you do have options — and those options, much like virtual racing’s popularity, are increasingly on the rise.


The rising popularity of the virtual race


You don’t have to look any further than Strava, a fitness tracking app that uses GPS technology to record exercises like...

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165: Listen To Your Body

effort levels Oct 29, 2020


Sometimes finding your “why” can be the difference between heading out the door or not.  In this episode, we want to look more specifically about why you run any particular workout.  Tuning into your body’s effort levels and realizing that different runs should have different efforts and different purposes can unlock major gains in your running journey.  When you become aware of the specific reason for a run, you can gain a much greater appreciation for the workouts and the effort you are putting in.


Highlights of the Episode


How does mindful running lead to improvement?

The ups and downs of effort training which brings awareness to your running

Understanding the effort levels your body can use

Setting a goal and finding your purpose

Why are you running today?

The importance of having a purpose


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Finding Consistency

mindset Oct 26, 2020

Helen Klein was in her mid-50s and had never run a mile when her husband, Norman, approached her about running a 10-mile race together. Helen decided she didn’t want Norman to run the race alone, so she began running around the yard with him — starting with a fifth of a mile and adding a fifth of a mile each day. After 10 weeks, Helen could run 10 miles.


The retired nurse didn’t stop there, though. She went on to become a legendary ultramarathoner and world record holder. She was even honored for her accomplishments by being selected to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City at the age of 79.


The key to her success and running longevity? Consistency.


It’s about the getting there


If you haven’t been running for a long time, you may be surprised when a runner you know talks about how he or she missed a morning workout but is going to fit in a run later that day. You may think that if...

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164: How To Find Consistency Without Motivation

mindset Oct 22, 2020


Most runners understand the idea of consistency and how small consistent steps can pay off with a huge reward.  Major milestones are not reached overnight, and meteoric rises are usually followed by similar falls.  Runners, especially long distance runners, understand the idea of grinding out for rewards.  We search for the appropriate inspiration and motivation to keep training.  Motivation wanes, but a deeper understanding is unflappable.


Highlights of the Episode


The 3 steps more important than motivation

Motivation will get you to start a run and may help finish a run

What it means to become a runner and living a healthy lifestyle

Running as one aspect of your overall health

The balance of pushing hard and recovery

How commitment leads to action that creates consistency and enjoyment

Building a more positive attitude towards running


Challenge of the Week: Tell us one thing you decide to do this week to move you forward in...

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163: Ask Us Anything: Listener Questions Answered

In this week's episode, we answer some of the questions posed to us by our listeners. Tune in to hear the answers!


Highlights of the Episode


What’s the best way to keep running as I age? How do I maintain speed/pace as I age with less injuries? 

How to go from walking to running

How to stop blisters

How to introduce strength training without decreasing running miles per week and not getting injuries


Challenge of the Week: Send us a question that you would like answered on the podcast!


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Fuel Like A Runner

nutrition Oct 12, 2020

For many runners, eating is about so much more than food — it’s about fuel. We know we need fuel to power our workouts, and we know that what we eat before a run can affect how it will feel. For example, we know that if we eat a cheeseburger 10 minutes before heading out the door for an interval run at lunchtime, it’s probably not going to go well. Similarly, we know that skipping breakfast before that lunchtime workout likely won’t go well either. But that’s where things get a bit hazy for most of us.


What is the secret formula for proper fueling that will have us training our best and running our strongest on race day? Unfortunately — as you’ve probably already guessed — there isn’t just one answer. That’s because, like most aspects of running, fueling isn’t one-size-fits-all.


The three main food groups of running


At its most basic, fueling as a runner consists of eating a good balance of...

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162: Fuel Like A Runner

nutrition Oct 08, 2020


Everyone wants the secret to proper fueling during a race and the exact nutrition plan following a workout or race.  While there are certain guidelines and general methods that work better than others, a major part of the picture is overall nutrition.  In this episode we will highlight some details that you can take away as tips, but focus on the big picture.  We also cover how nutrition, like most things in life, comes down to your mind.  You are a runner, an athlete, a healthy person. 


Highlights of the Episode

What does proper nutrition look like for athletes?

Foods that can help you feel better from your previous or next workout

How to balance food groups

What should you eat before, during, and after a run?

Simple carbs that can become rapid fuel

What’s the ideal macro combination?

Many runners like the slogan “I run for the....”


Challenge of the week

For this week's challenge, post a photo of one of your post-run...

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The Case Against Cookie-Cutter Training Plans

goals and plans Oct 05, 2020

You decide to run your first half marathon. You’ve heard 12 weeks is how long you’ll need to train, so you pick a race that’s exactly 12 weeks away on the calendar, print out a schedule you find online, and tape it to the wall for accountability.


You have a reason you want to run this race: You used to go on four-mile runs regularly, but then you took a few months off while you were pregnant and now you want to get back into it and push yourself farther.


The schedule looks doable, starting with a four-mile long run and building up each week with one-mile increases. It also includes some speed work, which you’ve never tried before but figure will be fun.


Fast-forward four weeks, though, and your left knee starts to hurt when you land on it during a run. You keep going and hope it will go away, but on the next run it’s worse. You skip your following two runs, one of which is your long run, then decide you need a whole week off. By the...

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161: What is the Best Training Plan?

goals and plans Oct 01, 2020

You have decided to run a race and are aiming for a new personal best.  So you ask your friends what they have done for training.  Then, you check out google and see what that suggests.  You do the best you can to combine both pieces of information and plan out your next few months.  You end up missing some days, skipping some workouts, and adding in a few different things.  When you show up at the race, you are not entirely confident and as the gun fires, you take off questioning your preparation.  Why do generic plans not get the results you want? 

Highlights of the Episode

The importance of having a plan

What is a generic plan?  

Why generic plans fail a lot of runners

What about workouts

The details of how and when is tricky and varies by the athlete

What about your running body

What about your mind


Challenge of the week:

Tell us your goal that you want to achieve before the end of the year!


Thanks for Listening!!


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