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138: The Things That Might Be Missing From Your Running Foundation

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

Runners love to run and if you talk to them about building a foundation, they will give you all sorts of stats about base mileage and speed workouts.  However, the complete picture of a well rounded foundation needs to include strength and mobility.  Without these ingredients our running is held back from its maximum potential.  Runners don’t want to be told that they have a limit on their potential, but how often are we actually holding ourselves back by simply logging miles and not seeing the importance of strong and mobile muscles and joints?


Strength training and mobility work are essential ingredients for a strong running foundation.  Are these missing from your training plan? 



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137: What Makes The Running Community So Special?

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

Runners love other runners.  We love to talk about running and training and racing.  We will compare shoes and workouts and anything else we can think of.  Running, at its best, breaks down barriers because we all know that we run and we have that in common.  In this time we are physically distant, it is important to remember the value of community. 

Highlights of the Episode:

The nature of human beings physically drawn to one another. 3:18

The different aspects of human beings and their needs. 10:36

The natural behavior of human frequency. 14:50

The RLR Tribe. 22:18

The RLR Tribe spot on challenge. 25:06

Community and learning – how they work together. 30:06

Why community is important. 35:55

The importance of knowing whether you’re in the right community or not. 41:35

Eliminating the gap among runners. 48:05

Connection - What matters most right now. 54:50


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136: 9 Tips for Running in the Time of COVID

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2020

While much of the world is locked down, stuck at home, and quarantined, in many locations runners are still able to get out and exercise.  In this episode we cover some practical issues related to running and exercising during the quarantine. Simple guidance that you could put into practice today.  We offer 9 practical tips to maintain safety when running during this era of COVID.

Highlights of the Episode:

Tips for social distance running. 2:13

  1. Exercise in public places but not crowded places. 2:20
  2. When running along a road, use the sidewalk and a bike path to safely pass others. 7:58
  3. Run solo or pair up if you must. 12:46
  4. Remember your strength days. 24:57
  5. Understand the surface that you are running on. 29:17
  6. What if to do if you are short on time. 32:54
  7. What to do when you have no one to watch your kids. 35:55
  8. What’s a better thing to do when you have extra time on your hands. 40:45
  9. Create a goal. 44:25


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135: If Not Now, When?

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

We often wait for the perfect time to start a new activity.  We expect that the sky will part and a voice will give us permission to start.  We set up an endless list of excuses as to why we cannot start. We create a list of events that must occur before we can start. Let’s be honest, there is no perfect time to start, so why not now?


Highlights of the Episode:

The area outside of our comfort zone. 5:35

Dealing with time issues. 6:00

The perfect time to start something new. 7:25

The art of making excuses. 11:50

Accepting the fact that there is no perfect time to start something new. 13:17

Your perspective vs. what the world shows you. 21:40

Finding the significant positives in your daily life. 28:10

The downside of being too focused on something. 44:55

Validating and assessing the priorities you’ve lined up periodically. 47:09



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134: How To Adjust When Life Gets in the Way

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

There are many reasons you may need to adjust a training plan.  You could get sick, bogged down at work, stay out late with friends, or just feel wiped and in need of an off day.  Perhaps there is a pandemic sweeping the globe that is making running easier or more difficult. Maybe a new race opportunity popped up or your race was cancelled.  Our ability to adjust is rooted in our long term goals and our belief in our success. Sometimes it helps to have some guidance.

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Highlights of the Episode:

How to adjust with training plans when a short-term hiccup comes up. 5:52

Missing a strength day – how to cope up. 15:00

The importance of having a purpose for every training week. 17:18

Tips in dealing with long-term hiccups on your training plan. 19:26

Assessing the amount you’ve missed in your training plan. 29:30

Figuring out what...

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133: How Do You Respond To Something New?

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

When we are approached with a new idea, opportunity, or challenge, our perspective will determine the result.  Do we approach timidly with fear and apprehension about what could go wrong? Do we try to make it fit into the world we already know because that is more comfortable?  Do we boldly step forward, prepared to gain the reward that will come from the new adventure?


Highlights of the Episode:

The idea of a comfort zone. 5:00

Continuously functioning outside of your comfort zone is possible. 10:00

How to act and handle new things appropriately. 14:40

When does fear become a helpful reaction? 19:40

Healthy ways to approach a new situation. 30:38

Becoming open to new possibilities. 40:50

Understanding that failure is necessary at times. 42:15

Ridding judgement for extraordinary possibilities to come. 45:15


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132: What To Do In Uncertain Times

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

Races are being cancelled, training plans are being derailed, long term goals are hazy and short term actions have plenty of distractions.  There is an air of panic and confusion. Amidst the swirl of chaos, where and how does running fit? Should you go get in a run? Where is the motivation?  What is the point? This is a time that we need running more than ever, and with all of the extra time we have, we can take a step back and look at some things we may have been neglecting.

Highlights of the Episode:

What to do when there’s confusion around your training process. 6:10

The pros and cons of tying your success to a number. 9:40

Assessing the areas of your life that need your effort the most. 16:22

How running can build a community within your own life. 19:19

What is a running community? 20:11

The nice things that a running community can bring to you and your life. 24:00

Opening your doors to an experimental mindset. 27:50

Understanding the need for self confidence...

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131: These Things Are More Important Than Willpower

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

Many of us would like to run better.  That may mean faster, longer, stronger, more consistently, or some combination.  We may have tried various training plans or workouts routines only to have them not work for us.  We can all accept that the key to improvement is consistency, and consistency comes from building a habit.  In this episode, we talk about why the habit is easier to build when we start in our mind. 

Highlights of the Episode:

The essence of PR/PB to a real life runner. 4:02

The identity of a real life runner as a person. 15:05

The different forms of success for a real life runner. 16:00

How mindset shifting helps in embracing the real life runner identity. 22:20

Changing your physical environment. 25:48


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130: What to do when you miss a run

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

 We are all runners.  We have covered this repeatedly.  We also have pointed out that we are still runners on days we do not run.  When that non-running day was supposed to be a running day, many of us are quick to place very harsh judgement on ourselves.  Remember, you are not just a runner, you are a real life runner and you choose how to run your life. 

Highlights of the Episode:

The stigma of having to miss a run. 6:40

You are allowed to miss a run – the acceptance. 11:10

Ways to re-frame your mindset. 15:13

Understanding that running requires recovery. 15:26

Refocusing on your “whys.” 28:26

The goodness of being grateful amidst the negativities in life. 35:08


Hope you enjoy it!! Let us know if you...

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129: Stop Stretching and Do These Things Instead

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020

We all know that the best way to avoid injury is to stretch more, right?  Have you ever stopped to think about why you are stretching. In this episode, we cover stretching myths and clearly explain the difference between flexibility and mobility.  You may have been using these interchangeably, and that is not quite right. We discuss how to actually increase flexibility. Finally, we break down how to optimize your workout time by transitioning out of a stretching routine, and into tissue mobility and proper strengthening. 

Highlights of the Episode:

Stretching myths and where they most likely originated. 2:13
  1. All runners should stretch.
  2. All runners have tight muscles.
  3. The more flexibility you have, the better.
  4. If you don’t stretch you’ll get injured.

Flexibility vs. Mobility. 11:00
Mobility work and strength training – what runners need more of. 23:59
The perception of tightness. 30:00
Understanding that stretching...

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