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085: Why Your Training Plan Might Not Work

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019


The internet is a wonderful place because you can ask it a question and it will give you millions of answers.  If you are searching for a training plan because you are looking to get fitter or because you have an upcoming race, there are a wide variety of options to choose from just a couple of clicks away.

On this episode, we talk about why those plans each come with their own positives and negatives.  

First the downside of plans.  Most plans are created from one training philosophy that was researched on elites and worked well for someone else.  There are many training styles, and they all have the same end goal in mind of improving fitness. The right plan for you is the one that brings enjoyment, results, and keeps you injury-free.  

While most plans will work, some will get better results faster because each person adapts differently to different styles.  Just because you and your friend run at a similar pace and have the same goal race in...

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084: Dealing with Negativity

mindset Apr 18, 2019

Change is hard.  We have to find the motivation and drive to change our mindset to change our actions.  There is usually a good deal of negative voices coming from within that we need to overcome.  Sometimes those voices are external. Friends, family, and complete strangers will also comment on our journey, and not always in the nicest manner.

On today’s episode we talk about the negative voices coming from outside, also known as the haters.  We cover a lot of points, but the biggest takeaway is that perspective is extremely important.

First, whatever message you are sending out into the world is not going to be received the same by every person.  They have their own opinions and values, and frankly even their current mood may affect how well they interpret your message.  Some people may try to hold you back for your own safety, some out of fear of losing you, some out of jealousy that you are accomplishing things they want to accomplish....

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083: How to Overcome Obstacles to Performing Your Best

mindset Apr 11, 2019


As coaches and runners we are familiar of coming up short in some of the biggest moments.  There are always athletes who manage to step up when it is all on the line, and others who...well, don’t.  What is it that separates these performances? The answer is generally in your head rather than in your legs.

In this episode, we cover the obstacles that prevent us from reaching our full potential.  All of the topics fall under the general umbrella of limiting beliefs. We have these ideas stuck in our head that hold us back.  Unfortunately, our subconscious mind reacts to a thought we have as though it is a fact. This means if we tell ourself anything negative, we then think that idea is a clear truth.  

We start with the notion of bringing previous experiences to our current situation.  What started out as a survival mechanism is now holding us back when we try to apply order and logic to a new experience.

We continue with the go-to negative...

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082: Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019

So many times in our lives we get caught up. Caught up in the day to day, our weekly runs, our million to-do items.  On this episode we cover how living with intention can lead to much greater levels of success in running and all areas of your life.

First, you must start by setting your priorities.  This task sounds simple but is at the basis of living fully and non just mindlessly drifting through the days and years.  Determine your priorities and break it down to the actionable steps you can accomplish to get there.

Second, be fully engaged with whatever task you are doing.  If you have already determined that your actions should be done to be your best and happiest self, then focus on those tasks.  Do not worry about other tasks you are not accomplishing. Do not attempt to multitask. Simply be fully present to your current moment and action.

Finally, recover and relax between actions.  Following a major task, take a well deserved break.  More...

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081: Why should I do a long run, and how far should it be?

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2019

In this episode we thoroughly discuss the concept of the long run.  We cover the physical and mental benefits from a scientific and anecdotal point of view.  If you do not currently have a long run regularly in your training schedule, after about 20 minutes, you will understand why you should.

The back half of the show goes into the details on how to schedule the long run, how fast to go during the long run(probably slower than you are currently running for a long run) and how far the long run should be.  This last question was actually the reasoning behind the show, as a friend asked why she had to run 9 miles when she was only going to race 6.2 miles.

Finally, we go into what I like to call long run bonuses.  These are workouts that you can sneak into your long run for either extra benefit or for the same benefit over a shorter amount of time.  They should not be done every week. They should be treated as an additional workout and therefore should be...

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080: Should I Add Cross Training to My Running Schedule?

cross training Mar 21, 2019

We believe that cross training is important for every real life runner.  It helps you to get in better shape, train muscles that you don't normally train while running, and increase or maintain cardiovascular fitness if you are injured.  

Running-specific types of cross training: pool running, elliptical, ElliptiGo

Other cross training: swimming, cycling, hiking, stair climbing, yoga, pilates, fitness classes, weight training, strength training 

We believe that adding cross training to your weekly schedule has significant benefits.  Try out a bunch of different types and see what you like! 



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079: Running and Weight Control

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2019

Running is great for getting in shape, improving cardiovascular health, improving mood and so many other things, but is it good for your weight?  Some people lose weight when running, some people gain, and some don't notice much of a change.  What gives?  

In this episode, we talk about the various factors that go into weight control, including running, eating, snacking, strength training, interval training, meal timing and our body's ability to adapt and throw it all off.  We also talk about some eating recommendations, both for losing weight and gaining or maintaining weight, and also provide information on some different protein supplements.  What's the difference between plant-based proteins and whey protein supplements?  What is whey concentrate vs. whey isolate?  What are some important things to remember and keep in mind when buying a protein supplement?  Some of our recommendations include finding a high quality protein supplement...

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078: What is Winning?

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019


Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.  -Vince Lombardi

In this episode, we dive into the concept of winning and try to put a definition onto it, or at least name some qualities of winning.  

If you have been listening to us for any amount of time, you can probably guess that we categorize winning as much more than simply crossing the finish line before anyone else.  There are two major characteristics needed to win, at least as we put it on the show.

First, to win you must push your limits and be at risk of failing.  Winning requires finding strength to endure through physical and mental fatigue.  Angie and I begin a disagreement that lasts through most of the episode about whether winning requires racing.

Second, winning requires not compromising on your priorities.  On a professional level, this involves not taking illegally banned substances, but this is real life.  With most runners, not compromising means that...

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077: It's All Relative

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019


Today’s episode is all about relativity especially how it relates to time, how we spend it and how there never seems to be enough of it.  The inspiration for the episode comes from a book Angie just read called The Big Leap, which is now going to be the audiobook playing on my ride to and from work.  

One of the biggest points of the book is the concept of time and it is explained in classic Newtonian physics and what is referred to as Einstein time.  

Basically, the old way of looking at time is a conveyor belt that you get on and ride forward at a set pace.  You are completely passive. In Einstein time, you can move along the belt causing time to speed up or slow down.  This sounds a little crazy, but think of the last time you went on vacation and how much fun you had, then poof the trip was over before you noticed.  Times flies when you are having fun.

Because time can be slowed down, the book suggests that we can essentially create...

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076: Finding your running team

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2019


On this episode, we dive into the need we all have for support with an emphasis on running, but an acknowledgement that to accomplish any difficult task, it is harder when you feel alone.  

Professional athletes have an entire crew of coaches and trainers around them, not to mention a probable training crew.  If they seem to need this full support system, shouldn’t we all reach out to find a supportive network?

We cover some of the main points of our training philosophy, and how we build a team as coaches.  It all fits nicely into the category of runners needing other runners.

First, runners need unquestioned support that will be there after heroic wins and epic failures.  Without a willingness to fail, it becomes impossible to stretch your capabilities that far. Failing solo may seem easier because no one is watching, but it becomes harder and harder to pick yourself back up. We can all use a helping hand or we could fall victim to a fear of...

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