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014: Effective Goal Setting

podcast running Dec 08, 2017



Goal setting: It's something that we know we should do, but do we always do it?  And if we do, are we setting effective and appropriate goals that are pushing us to succeed or setting us up for failure?

When we look at our lives and want to improve our health, our running, or just our life in general, we should be setting goals.  In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What are 3 big challenges when trying to set an appropriate goal?
  • Why is fear a good sign when setting a goal?
  • Why not achieving your goal is a good thing
  • What are 4 keys to setting good goals
  • What are some specific considerations when setting goals as a new runner
  • What our personal running goals are for the new year
  • And how it all connects to our lives outside of running (this one is pretty obvious)

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013: Cycle Your Training to Get Faster

podcast running Nov 30, 2017



What the heck is periodization of training?  It's a fun vocabulary word that refers to cycling your training plan.  If you are shooting for a goal race, or if you just want to keep improving and getting faster, training cycles are very important.  

Macro cycles are the big chunks of your training plan that have one goal in mind, like one season of the year.  Micro cycles are the weeks within that larger macro cycle, where you vary your mileage and purpose of your workouts to make the most gains and avoid injury.

Today's episode is chock FULL of some pretty technical stuff and guidelines on planning out your training cycles to allow your body to make the gains it needs to get faster.  Cycling your training is also very important for injury prevention and to avoid boredom. 

If you like going out on a run just for fun, you might want to skip this one.  It's pretty technical, so if that doesn't interest you, no biggie!  If you want...

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012: Run Safe - Alone, In the Dark, or With a Medical Condition

podcast running Nov 24, 2017



In a world of distracted drivers and stories of runners being hurt, thinking about running safety is now more important than ever.  We tell you all about why this has become very important to us recently, with the development of a new medical condition.  In this episode, we talk about running safety, especially the topics of: 

  • How to stay safe when running in the dark
  • What gear is important for nighttime running
  • How to stay safe while running if you have a medical condition
  • What Kevin's experience has been like getting back into running after a medical problem
  • The right way to run in congested traffic areas
  • and more!

This was a pretty personal episode for us, and we discussed something that we have been dealing with lately that has not been easy.  We hope you enjoy it.  


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011: Lessons from Cross Country

podcast running Nov 16, 2017



In case you hadn't heard, Kevin and Angie are high school cross country coaches.  Kevin has been coaching for over 10 years, and Angie joined the team a few years ago.  We just got back from the state championship last weekend, so we wanted to think about what lessons we have learned over the course of the season and figure out ways to improve next year.  

Anytime we train, we should always take time to evaluate how it is going, what we have been doing, and how we can improve.  We need to do that in running and in life, so we think this will be a helpful episode for anyone out there, not just people involved in cross country.

There are some really great connections between being a part of the cross country team and how that applies to us as people, parents, spouses, and runners.

In this episode, we will talk about: 

  • How each kid is different and why figuring out how to coach each runner individually and as part of the team is very important
  • ...
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010: Effort-based Running: The Pros and Cons

podcast Nov 09, 2017



What is effort-based running and what are the pros and cons?  We break it down for you in this episode.  There is definitely a good time and place for effort-based training and times when pace-driven training is more appropriate.  

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What is effort-based running?
  • The different levels of effort-based running
  • What level most of your training should be in
  • The purpose of each level and what training adaptations that creates
  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic training
  • The different fuel sources that our bodies use during training 
  • How intensity level affects the fuel sources that our bodies use
  • The difference between effort-based and heart rate zone training
  • The right and wrong times to use effort-based training vs pace-driven training
  • And lots more!



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009: Clean Eating: The Very First Steps

food podcast Nov 02, 2017



What is clean eating?  It's definitely a buzz word now and has become much more mainstream, but what exactly is it?

In this episode, we walk you through what clean eating is and why it is so important.  We tell you why we got into this whole thing, and share a little of our personal story as parents and as a person with ulcerative colitis.  Kevin will share what changing his diet has helped him to accomplish in regards to this diagnosis and his health.

Most importantly, we give you 4 early steps to take to start on your clean eating journey today.  



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008: 3 Easy Tips to Start Improving your Running Today

podcast running Oct 26, 2017


We all want to feel better while we run, and running does not have to be a chore!  Today, we discuss three things that you can start focusing on today to make your running feel better and be more efficient!  

What are these three magic things, you wonder?  Listen to this one to find out.  As always, we give you actionable steps to take to make a few adjustments, as well as the research and experience behind these recommendations.  



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007: Running Shoes - What's right for you?

podcast running shoes Oct 19, 2017


Some of the most common questions that we get asked are about running shoes.  What kind of shoes do we wear?  What kind of shoes should I wear?  My friend likes this type of running shoe; would that be good for me?  I was told I have flat feet, so what kind of running shoe should I buy?

In this episode, we talk about the different kinds of running shoes, how to figure out what type of shoe to wear, and some of our other recommendations regarding shoes, orthotics, and running footwear.  

Running shoes can be categorized into neutral, stability, minimalist, racing flats, trail shoes, ultra cushioning shoes, and motion control.  What's the difference between them and which one is right for you?  By the end of the episode today, you should hopefully know the answer to that question!

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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006: Exploring the Mental Side of Running - Part 1

podcast running Oct 12, 2017

For the next series of episodes, we will be discussing Matt Fitzgerald's new book, How Bad Do You Want It?

Spoiler alert:  We loved it.  Matt breaks down a very important topic in sports psychology: how our brain mind can either improve or inhibit our running and athletic performance.  

Until about the 1990s, sports performance research was limited to the physical domain.  In other words, what physiological factors could be affected in order to improve our performance as athletes.  Things such as VO2max, lactic acid threshold, heart rate training, glycogen storage and usage, and other "measurable" factors were what all of the research and training focused on.  

However, in the 1990s, a new model of performance enhancement came into play: the psychobiological model.  This model explores the connection between the brain and the body and how our thoughts can either improve our performance or hold us back.  

And as always, we talk about how...

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005: From Hate to Love: Angie's running journey

podcast running Oct 06, 2017


In this episode, we continue to tell you a little bit more about who we are and how we got to where we are today.  We both have very different stories and running journeys and are very different runners, but we also have a lot in common.  We both have a love for running (which was not always the case!) that is constantly challenging us to be better versions of ourselves.  

Angie started out like a lot of runners, and started running just to lose weight and get in shape.  She actually used to hate running.  Her journey has looked completely different from Kevin's, and she talks about all of the challenges she has faced along the way as well, and how they have formed her into a much different runner than Kevin.

Through it all, even though we have very different journeys, very different goals, and very different outcomes, we talk about what running has meant to us, how it has affected us as a couple, as parents, and as human beings.  


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